Month: January 2019

Remote Icy World is much Flatter than Scientists Thought

January 31, 2019

The furthest object in our solar system visited by a spacecraft – Ultima Thule – appears not to be “snowman shaped” as first thought, and is in fact much flatter. New pictures taken by the New Horizons spacecraft at a different angle as it raced away from Ultima Thule at 31,000mph (50,000 kmh) reveal it is not […]

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Tokyo Food Guide: Where to Eat the Best Udon in Tokyo

January 20, 2019

Are you here because you want to know where to eat the best udon in Tokyo? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, especially if you invite me to the udon bar with you! When you think of Japan and noodles, the noodles that come to mind are ramen: thick and creamy stock with lip smacking slicks […]

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